Sean (donthaveaspaz) wrote in kar0lism,

ok guys. i don't know how many of you actually still watch this community since it's mostly dormant, but......

i've cleared it with Teh Kar0l,


I'M HAVING A POTLUCK DINNER PARTY THAT'S LIKE A WEEK BEFORE THE DAY THEY CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF SOME GOOFBALL WHO PRETENDED HE KNEW SHIT AND WAS APPARENTLY VERY POPULAR. it's not a xmas potluck because standard religions suck and we already have TEH KAROL, and it's not a holiday potluck because that makes it sound way too pc and thus shitty.

i'm having it on wednesday this week, the 20th. five days before xmas. probably around 5 or 6 p.m. at my house.
and could someone PLEASE make a myspace event about it and invite everyone. thanks

-Naughty alter boy #2
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