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The Thingy On Kar0lisms
By Diciple and Unliscnesed Therapist
Samantha Duke

Kar0Lism: Not just a trend, but a way of life. To be a Karolist, you must learn the ways on the infamous Karolisms. Step one to be a Karolist:

Know your Green Tea. Be Friends with your Green Tea. Green tea:
- Boots metabolism
- Makes you happy
- And its yummy

Know your water
- Water is good
- Makes you happy and healthy
- Makes you pee a lot. But it’s a newly discovered EMO thing… A half empty water bottle = a Half Empty Heart

- Now some may not be the artistic type. But take a photo and write EMO like words/lyrics. Make icons. Be creative. Or attempt to.

Karolism puts pain and EMO into creativity. It releases bad vibes from your tormented soul.

- You get in touch with your inner soul.
- Plus flexiblity insures a hearty sex life.

A Known Kar0list, aside from Jesus Samantha, is Brad Pitt. He is known to be the sex slave to Goddess Karolina

A Brief History on Kar0lism
-Discovered in November 2004 by Prophet Samantha Duke, who it is said was sitting on a rock in the mountains when the voice of Goddess Kar0lina told her the ways of Kar0lism. Samantha Duke, now known as JESUS, has been spreading the Karolism Ways thanks to the Goddess Kar0lina

-Karolism is not popular. Yet. Yet again, only those lucky few will be able to fully expand their creative lust filled green tea ridden minds and be one with the Karolism Ways

T3h kar0l - Kar0L
JeSus S - Sam
Minister - Denisse
Moses - Barbs
Naughty Altar Boy # 1 - Jasen
Naughty Altar Boy # 2 - Sean
t3h Virgin Mary - Mary
t3h king - Thomas
t3h dark prophet aka t3h heretic - Javier
t3h Great Prophet - Karim
t3h Apothecary - Nycole
Santa Catarina - Kat
Adamn! - Trevor
T3h Divine Hooker - Ari

written by: t3h dark prophet
official laundry cleaner : OXY CLEAN
official form of sex: organized and safe
official word: orgastic ( no !! not orgasmic)
official contraceptive: anything pink
official boxers: Spongebob
official song: unwritten law = save me